Digitally Designed Smiles

Two Days of Intense Learning with Didactics and Hands-on Sessions

Dr. Maria Csillag: Inventor, Chief Instructor, Owner – Smylist® Ltd, Hungary

Dr. Ajay Kakar: Co-Instructor, Smylist® Ltd

26-27 June 2020 | Barcelona, Spain

The revolution in Aesthetic Dentistry Taking the world of Smile Designing and Complex Dentistry by storm. Smylist® gives you the opportunity to raise the bar of your Aesthetic Dentistry practice several levels. Patient in the focus.


  • Learn the most revolutionary, but most logical and rational concepts in dentistry.
  • Start doing full-mouth rehabilitations in 4 to 5 visits.
  • Virtual smile designs will be done in minutes.
  • No breakage, chipping, the fracturing of veneers, onlays and crowns.
  • Objectively make ideal smiles for patients using the Smylist® Aesthetic Software.
  • Generate virtual smiles in a matter of minutes to motivate patients.
  • Explore the fascinating concepts of Smylist® which irrevocably links the mandible with multiple medical issues.
  • Make patients look up to 10 years younger with Gnatho Aging Therapy.
  • Create the most aesthetic, objective and logically ideal smile for all your patients

The first 5 delegates have an opportunity to get the Smylist® Software at a whopping 60% discounted price!