Prof. Dr. Wolfgang F. Schuster

Vice President-Austrian Society for Digital Dentistry, Austria

Dr. Wolfgang F. Schuster is the CEO of M + W Dental, Austria. He is the Vice President of ÖFAZ Austrian Advanced Training Academy for the Dental Team and SMAZ – Social Medical Work Therapy Center. He studied Economy in Vienna University. He is serving as the Editor of Zahn Krone – Journal of Dentistry. Wolfgang participated in many International Conferences.

Mrs. Batya Comunale

Visionary Founder | CEO Social Connect, USA

Batya Comunale – Renowned National Speaker, Social Media Expert and Visionary Founder and CEO of Social Connect, a company that builds people online and gives them presence. Her proprietary Social Connect Social Media Program is a unique and personalized system designed for the client to assist with their needs and execute a comprehensive and coordinated plan to build the owner(s) and the business’ social media presence on numerous social media outlets.

Batya’s wisdom is best demonstrated by her stream of success stories with some the biggest names in the industry. Her accolades number in the hundreds with the most recent achievements being named one of Distinctive women 2016, Distinctive women 2017, Leadership CollierTM Class of 2017, Distinguished Entrepreneur Nominee of SWFL 2017. She supports local and national charities and has delivered seminars to tens of thousands of dentists and entrepreneurs nationwide. Her approach is direct, and her events are powerful, providing cutting-edge fundamentals and solutions to help control and expand your business.

Dr. Catherine Yang

International Speaker | Author of S.T.E.P. on Fear, Australia

Every step of Dr Catherine Yang’s journey to becoming a dentist is an inspiring one. Completing high school in just three years, Catherine was admitted into dentistry with USyd Alumni Scholarship and finished her BDS with a First Prize GC Australia Research Award. Catherine, who has worked as a high-performing associate dentist for 14 years and is now a practice owner, has firsthand experience of challenges of life as a dentist, both professionally and personally. Her passion now is helping people by sharing her success through “S.T.E.P. on Fear”.

Dr. Hristo Naydenov

Organizing Committee Member of WDC 2020 Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Hristo Naydenov completed his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria and received Honorable Student of The Year Award in 2017 & 2018. He is currently working as General Dentist at VeDent Dental Clinique. Dr. Hristo was Head of the Organising Committee of Educational Course for Oral Health Promotion and Prevention for Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Medicine in 2017 and Head of Organising Committee of The Dental Symposium, International Biomedical Congress 2018.

Dr. Fakhri Al-Fatlawi

President of Iraqi Dental Association, Iraq

Dr. Fakhri Abed Ali Hussein Al-Fatlawi is currently serving as President of Iraqi Dental Association. He has memberships in World Federation of Orthodontics (America), Arab Federation of Orthodontics (Jordon), Iraqi Association of Orthodontic Council, etc. Dr. Fakhri is also working as a Professor in College of Dentistry, Baghdad University. He is involved in various scientific activities like literature evaluator, health policy planning and continuous education.

Dr. Hany Salah Eid

American Orthodontic Society, USA

Dr. Hany S. Eid, BDS. MDS, DDSc. Associate Professor and Head Department of Orthodontics, Dental College, University of MUST, EGYPT. Dr Eid has started his orthodontic career as an active member of American Orthodontic Society in 1994. He is an active member of the International and American Assoc. for Dental Research and has presented and published many cited researches works, served as a contributory author in reputed national and international journals including PubMed/Medline indexed journals and co-authored many papers presented in specialty conferences. He is the founder and owner of a private practice, a leading-edge orthodontic practice in the Cairo Egypt area. A certified orthodontic specialist since 1995, attained his master’s degree in Orthodontics from Cairo University in 1997 and Doctorate degree in 2007 from Ain Shams University. He has over 15 years of experience with craniofacial severe malocclusion cases and has conducted several Clear Aligner therapy courses & workshops in many countries worldwide.

Dr. SasanMomeni

Chairman-Sarir Salamat Maham, Iran

Dr. SasanMomeni is Chairman at Sarir Salamat MahamTemos,Accreditation from Germany Regional office. He is CEO at Glossy Company Medical Tourism and conference organizer